The Mucho Network Proudly Welcomes You.

We are as network comprised of multiple websites that make all that is the Japanese Anime and Manga industry for both the young and mature audiences.
Freely available without ISP boundries in the highest quality available with the fastest update time of all.

Our current ongoing projects include the follwing sites

MuchoMangaThe one that started it all. This was my passion project when I was in High-school. This project's beginnings were rooted on a simple need. The need to know what happened the following week in the weekly comics. The sites that were around at the time were extremely slow, clunky, or just didn't update the content with enough speed so I decided to take the task on myself and say "You know what... I think I could do better than this..." Boy was I in a precipice of a rabbit-hole that lead to many more things to come.
MuchoDoujinsThe one that made it grow up. This site was a follow-up to my first site. This site's entire existence was based on an "April Fool's Joke". I decided to add some mature content to the site but in order to keep it clean I decided to add a simple script that made it so that if you knew it you could access it. Little did I know that this secret would get out and the "Back Site" of the site would become more popular than the main site, hence I decided to delve right in and serve an entire site just for it. The site shut down due to a server failiure but because of the nostalgia I decided to restart it and it has caught the wind that it left behind allowing it to reach top 500k Global Rankings on Alexa and also allowing it to radidly raise further.
MuchoHentaiThe joke that got out of hand. This site was based on another "April Fool's Joke" that got a little out of hand. After the success of my previous project I decided to delve into the animated side of it. I had just turned 18 so I got my first credit card, I got my first subscription to the source for content, and I started posting. It has been an ongoing project for the last five years earning the site a rank in the top 5XXX globally ranked sites on Alexa along with millions of monthly page views and transfering billions of gigabytes all around the globe.

As of this moment there is ongoing development but no anticipated release date for the following projects

For further information about future development on these projects, news, or general announcements follow us by clicking one of the links below